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On October 17th, 1992, my life was to change again. On the seventeenth, late that
afternoon, I pieced together a formula for UFO contact, an idea for face-to-face encounter.
I had realized that STAR (an acronym for Space, Time, Activity, Rumination) (Sprinkle,
1992) + Method + Structure, could yield and localize UFO phenomena. Early that evening
I had sketched out the earliest foundations of The Participant Assembly, an equal opporutunity complex designed for both human and alien participants. Little did I know that over the course of seven months that I'd be engineering the world's largest tool. And so it was on the evening of October seventeenth, as I slept without expectation, I was awakened by the cry of a feline. A cat had awakened me from the depths of darkness, and my life was to never be the same again.

The book Catmagic, by Whitley Strieber, is dedicated to a creature named, Tom. Tom
may be a cat, and the cat is death. So Tom is death, and this is the cat that awakened me on the very late evening of October 17th, 1992, a near-death-experience I care not to
revisit for some time to come. It had taken me three years to figure out why the aliens had sent death to my bedside. Obviously it had something to do with the formula, but what I did not know. And then on the bus ride back from Fort Collins, Colorado, after speaking at the 1995 International Forum on New Science, at the Marriott, I finally pieced it together. You see, what I thought I was inventing (structure) was the ultimate avenue to experience what I thought was the ultimate experience in life, and that would be face-to-face contact with an ET. But apparently that's not true, the ultimate experience in life is not having face to face contact with an alien, the ultimate experience in life is death. That is why the visitors had sent death. Sign and symbol, pure and simple.

As far as death goes, I don't believe anyone ever dies. We simply change shape. We're
shape shifters. The soul is more powerful than the mind can image. We have all lived
hundreds of lives, and the soul remembers each and every one.

So on May 15th, 1993, after seven months of engineering on The Participant Assembly,
I had a sudden burst of insight. Suddenly I had realized the structure at hand. Well guess
what? On May fifteenth, 1993, the aliens had landed a bright shiny ship near highways 3
and 69, which has proven quite significant in the research. Three miles north of Alexander, Iowa, a farm family had filmed the ship hovering directly over a cornfield. There was more than thirty minutes of video tape of the UFO. And the thing had looked like a giant egg, not only did it look like an egg, but the thing appeared to be trying to hatch something. The ship had looked alive! You see this is communication at the most primitive level. As the tiny infant cried out, mother-nature reached out and soothed the infant's soul.

And so this was suddenly a game of understanding and awareness. Now, after nearly
eight years of contact-research, I'm 20-1-1, in the game of understanding and awareness.
Half of these 22 games have been objective pieces of data. This proves, I believe, without doubt, that I've been communicating and interacting within the alien phenomenon. Objective data is difficult to refute. I've made a breakthrough here.

Here in the summer of 2000 I had three understandings, that resulted in a series of
objective and subjective inputs. My June 1st, 2000, prediction, came true. I had predicted
"when and where" a UFO would land, and it happened exactly as I said it would. The
results of that experiement are detailed in the essay Clinton Jefferson Williamsburg: UFO's and Motherhood (Welfare Air, Sietsema). And oh yes, that was the real kicker, with
that June 1st prediciton, the ET's had just finished spelling out The President's full name.
And presently, as I'm working on the essay Apollo 8 and the Alien Moon Base: The
UFO-Experience (Welfare Air, Sietsema), I'm attempting to explain the July 11th, 2000,
understanding, with a photograph of an alien-moon-base. And I'm also trying to explain
another understanding with a photograph of the sun, both of which produced a series
of bizarre paranormal displays. Participate and you shall Precipitate. "Ask and you shall
Receive. Seek and you shall Find. Knock......"

Last October (1999) I finished my latest book The Day After Phoenix: A Two Book
UFO Odyssey. I've been getting very good reviews on it. The books talk about my
awakening to the fact that I was a contactee, since the age of 5. The Day After Phoenix
also focus' on the last two years of UFO-activity. How many of you are aware that on
the early evening of March 13th, 1997, a ship 3 miles wide (and the UFO was longer
than it was wide), parked itself over Phoenix, Arizona, a city of a million people? How
many of you are aware that most contactees walk around for years before they realize
they've been in contact with a super race of space creatures? All of my childhood
memories had been vivid, but to think that my out-of-body travels, the missing-time
episodes, the UFO-encounter, the home-alone incident, the Santa-Experience, were
all somehow connected, was impossible. For a tiny child to comprehend the doings
of an alien civilization billions of years advanced, is unthinkable.

But here in the first year of the third millennium, I think we're making significant
strides with the phenomenon. The aliens have chosen to go worldwide with their
campaign of peace, love, and understanding. Shall we not follow in their foot steps?

I would like to give you a sample of some of my writing here, but before I do that
allow me to advertise the books and essays that are available through mail-order.

***The Day After Phoenix: A Two Book UFO Odyssey is self-published, and is
233 pages standard text, nonfiction. Book 1, talks about my childhood encounters.
And Book 2, talks about the return of the visitors in December, 1991, along with an
essay that keys on all the major UFO-events since March 1997. To order a copy
please send a check or money order for $35 (U.S. dollars), which includes shipping
and handling, too: Jeff Sietsema, P.O. Box 2956, Iowa City, Iowa, 52244-2956.
Thank you. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.

***Welfare Air: In The Eye Of The Eagle is self-published, and contains 8 essays
on Visitor-contact-science. Four of the essays here have been published either
internationally or nationally, by an elite group of scientists, out of Fort Collins,
Colorado. Allow me to list the essays here for your interest:

#1 Apollo 8 and the Alien Moon Base: The UFO-Experience, 2000.
#2 Clinton Jefferson Williamsburg: UFO's and Motherhood, 2000.
#3 The Day After Phoenix, 1999.
#4 The Bunkers: The Long Story, 1998. (This is the research on Mars.)
#5 Key Words and Primary Encounter Numbers: The UFO-Experience, 1997.
#6 Participate And Precipitate A UFO-Experience: New Science, 1996.
#7 Participate And Precipitate: A Working Theory On Visitor Contact Science,
#8 Another Piece Of The Puzzle Solved: Circle Formations Resolved, 1994.

To order a copy please send a check or money order for $40 (U.S. dollars), which
includes shipping and handling, too: Jeff Sietsema, P.O. Box 2956, Iowa City,
Iowa, 52244-2956. Thank you. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.

These are rare books indeed. If you are looking for the bizarre and crazy, you
will find it here. The aliens are as bizarre as you can imagine, and more. They are
also my friends.

I also wish to thank my colleague and friend, Leo Sprinkle. The folks at the
International Association for New Science in Fort Collins, Colorado, I owe much
thanks. And if it wasn't for my friend and webmaster, Jeff Showalter, you wouldn't
be reading this today. And, of course, I must thank God for being with me every
step of the way.

As I mentioned earlier in this text, and discuss at great lengths in the books,
I'm the inventor of the world's largest tool. The Participant Assembly is an equal-
opportunity-complex designed for both human and alien participants. The theory
is to participate and precipitate, as one participates in a certain way using the
formula (STAR + Method + Structure + Bailter Space + Hot Spot + The
Thread), one can precipitate contact. One can use the word structure figuratively,
but in the research I've made structure a physical object, which just so happens
to be the world's largest instrument I believe.

To build The Participant Assembly, and conduct 20 years of research, would
require an investment of somewhere around $50 million. But I believe we could
get started on this project at a much lower cost, and still have success. And so
because of this I'm asking the public for contributions to the cause. All donations
will be kindly accepted, anyone making a $20 contribution or greater, will receive
a free copy of the Mars research The Bunkers: The Long Story, a short essay
on my little discovery on Mars. Our goal is to have ten thousand contributors,
and everyones name can be posted on our thank you list on the web site. Only
names will be posted, no addresses, for reasons of privacy. Again, thank you!

***Also, please allow 6 weeks for all information to be processed.

Here as we near the end of page 2, allow me to give you a small sample of my
writing. I'm hoping this essay will be published late this fall by UFOCUS and the
Institute for UFO Research, Fort Collins, Colorado. The essay is also self-
published in Welfare Air. Let me give you just a few pages of text so one can get
a taste of the research. Again, thank you everyone.

Clinton Jefferson Williamsburg: UFO's and Motherhood

Three Acre Press

In late 1999 I was thinking about what the year 2000 might hold for the research,
with the year 2000 and the double zero involved I wondered about the number scheme
and simple math that I had uncovered in 1995 (IFNS) and 1996 (IFNS). The 1997
essay Key Words and Primary Encounter Numbers: The UFO-Experience, shows not
only the number scheme in predicting UFO-activity, but also reveals The Great Iowa
Triangle - a giant triangle used in precipitating UFO-contacts. In 7 years of contact-
research I had already precipitated (the theory is to participate and precipitate) at least
10 UFO's and a crop-circle on this very triangle, and could explain other UFO events
throughout North America. So when the June 1st, 2000, prediction came true, I was
not only thrilled, I was for the first time in fourteen years of UFO research - concerned.

The puzzle here began to take shape back on January 5th, 2000 (1-5). The St. Louis
fly by: the Millstadt incident, where 4 police officers from 4 different towns at 4 in the
morning - witnessed a triangle two stories tall and as big as a football field, with multiple
lights, float very low and silently over an isolated section of southwestern Illinois. I had
briefly heard of the incident via world radio, but it wasn't until the last half


of March, 2000, I curiously retrieved a newspaper article that a distant aunt of mine
had sent (mailed 2-1-00), entailing the Millstadt incident, that finally got the wheels
greased and rolling. Within a day or two I purchased a large map of Illinois and
connected a line between Millstadt, Illinois, and Lemont, Illinois.

The Chicago fly by: the Lemont incident in March, 1999, had also proved quite
significant in the research. The Lemont (lament) event is described and analyzed in my
most recent book (and essay), The Day After Phoenix: A Two Book UFO Odyssey.
The event proved symbolic, and those of us in the bowels of paranormal research are
very pleased that Richard C. Hoagland ( survived the
attack. The Lemont Ship had been a giant triangle as well, and what the reader will
learn is that the Visitors (a.k.a. aliens) often use sign and symbol in their communication
schemes. Over the course of the last year or more there has been numerous sightings
of triangular ships, including my own very personal encounter with a circle and
triangle on the late evening of October 25th, 1999. The triangle for me is a sign of the
trinity: Father - Son - Holy Ghost: the circle with no beginning and never ending is a
sign of unity.

So with the best information I had I drew a line from the north side of Lemont
where the river runs, to an area just outside and northeast of Millstadt. The Millstadt
Ship had been seen running in a southwesterly direction between Shiloh and
Millstadt, Illinois. I then split the line in two because the research is interested in
what is in the middle, center, or half, of an event.


Incredibly what we find here is the fair city of Clinton, Illinois. The cross-hair
of the bisect goes virtually right over the top of "Clinton." I was momentarily stunned
and the information quickly set the mind into slow motion - and off I went. You see,
it was on the evening March 9th, 2000 (3-9), the ET's had crashed (scuttled) a large
ship in Jefferson County, jArkansas. Some had called it a second Roswell (Spines,
BellNotes). This, I believe, is a sign for the second coming - of Christ. The National
UFO Reporting Center, in Seattle, Washington, reported that a bright shiny object
a-mile-wide was observed to have crashed in a tri-county area in the backwoods of
the honorable Jefferson County, Arkansas. It was reported (and backed with
photographs) that heavy equipment had been brought in, and had carried off a
substantial chunk of the alien craft. Trees had burned from the top down, but only
the trunks of the trees had been scorched. Just before impact the giant ball-of-white-
light buzzed a family traveling in a car, with treetop acrobatics, and then briefly rose
up high into the heavens before then crashing into the heartland. The light was so
bright as to turn the green of evergreen into a shiny silver. "Night became day.", the
nice lady had said. (How interesting that President Clinton was (I'm quite certain)
born in Jefferson County, Arkansas.)

So what we have is, I believe, the two biggest UFO events of 2000 revealing:
"Clinton - Jefferson," two-thirds of the President's name. I, of course, became quite
excited. On the morning of March 23rd, at 6:00 A.M., within about 8 hours of the
Clinton understanding, I had a vision while out walking the dog. I suddenly


heard and then observed a small flock of giant Canadas flying due south, and the
numbers 6-1-3 came to light. Instantly I realizead the first day of June (of the third
millennium) looked good. I felt the data was strong and so I made the prediction
that plus or minus, 12 to 24 hours of the stroke of midnight, June 1st, 2000, there
would be a significant UFO display in either one of three places on or near The
Great Iowa Triangle. In time the primary target became Williamson, Iowa, which
gave me an even deeper insight into the research. Here just 7 miles south of
Williamson was a town called Chariton, at highways 34 and 14. Chariton soon
became the new symbol of the research: simply to "share-it-on." The message
seemed powerful yet so simple. (Interesting that the day after the share-it-on
understanding, the visitors were in my house. And then on the next day - Good
Friday - the first Good Friday of the third millennium, there had been a giant
spaceship that had hovered within a few hundred feet of the house and Central
Park.) As the prediction developed I had kept Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle (a world
class researcher) in Laramie, Wyoming, thoroughly appraised of the situation.
Leo had seemed inspired by the prediction, and it was Leo himself that had
alerted me to the "rumor" that President Clinton may make an announcement on
UFO's before the end of his term. And this rumor has since been confirmed by
another very high source in the UFO-business.

If one investigates the research and reads the books, one would find that the
bottom line for the research is the return of Jesus Christ, which I believe is going
to occur soon. The evidence is pointed and direct. And here fifty miles to the


of Des Moines lays the tiny town of Williamson (pop. 166). The other two hot
spots were Williams, Iowa, another tiny town (pop. 368) directly on the western
edge of The Great Iowa Triangle and just north of highway 20. The other hot
spot was west of Iowa City with another small town called Williamsburg
(pop. 2174) - which also lays directly on the great triangle. Please keep in mind
that I use the entire North American Continent as a playground for the research,
an area greater than three thousand miles square. And here in the middle of North
America lays The Great Iowa Triangle (ref: map), a triangle 140 miles by 120
miles by 180 miles, a man made object utilizing Interstate 35 from the Minnesota
border down to Des Moines, Interstate 80 then over to Iowa City, and Interstate
380 and the Northern Rail Line back up to Worth County and Manly, Iowa. (As
I say in the first paragraph of this essay - I've already precipitated at least 10 UFO's
and a crop-circle on this very triangle.) I had adopted the monstrous triangle into
the research in 1996 because President Clinton refused to answer my petitions to
build The Participant Assembly, the world's largest tool: which is an equal-
opportunity-complex designed for both human and alien participants. Within the
formula that I've outlined (abstract), I've made "structure" a physical object - and
it appears I've accidently invented the world's largest instrument.

In the weeks leading into the June 1st, event, I started receiving a good deal
of channeled information. The data was coming to me in the form of numbers and
feeling. I realized I was probably slightly off on either the date or location, but
which I
did not know. The information was streaming into me like a river............

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Published: September 2000

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